Umbria – Trasimeno & Sagrantino

it is characterized by a marked landscape variety, by virtue of the continuous succession of hilly areas and river bottoms. This articulated orographic system, which is identified with the areas of the Umbrian Valley and the Valtiberina, in the eastern and southern sector of the region rises progressively with the Valnerina mountain ridges up to over 2,400 meters (the Monte Vettore group) in the Sibillini massif , shared with the Marche. The varied regional territory is dotted with cities and settlements rich in history and traditions. The region, already inhabited in protohistoric times by the Umbrians and the Etruscans, was then at the center of the Regio VI Umbria et ager Gallicus of the Roman Empire. With much of its territory included for centuries in the Duchy of Spoleto in the south, in the Byzantine Empire in the center and in the Duchy of Tuscia in the north during the Lombard Kingdom in Italy, its territory after several centuries of struggle became part of the state Papal.

It is possible to arrive by private plane Grosseto and organize a transfer by helicopter to the main areas of interest:


Rich in history and monuments, the region's cultural, production and business center, it is an international tourist destination. The University of Perugia (1308), the main Umbrian university, is one of the oldest in Italy and in the world. It is also home to the second oldest academy in Italy, the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts (1570), as well as home to one of the very first public libraries, the Augusta Library (1592).

It is known as the "City of Chocolate" for the historic presence of La Perugina and numerous other companies specializing in the production of confectionery products.


Terni is a modern, but also ancient city, with an important historical, economic, social and naturalistic center. In fact, modern urban areas alternate with green landscapes (primarily the Marmore waterfall and the Terni countryside), and despite the Second World War, there are still numerous testimonies of Roman, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque remains.


It is known for being the city where Saint Francis, patron of Italy, was born, lived and died, and Saint Clare, whose basilicas are among the most visited religious and cultural places in Italy


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